10 Reasons to Build Your App With AppsBuilder

  1. Create & publish powerful apps without I.T

    AppsBuilder empowers your business, giving you a professional tool to develop native apps for smartphones and tablets. Publish and manage your apps directly from your desktop, eliminating the need for complex technical knowledge or coding, and reducing go-to-market time.

  2. Use powerful app layouts designed to achieve your marketing objectives

    Communicate, promote, sell, engage & retain - with AppsBuilder you can easily add/remove pages to create a high conversion app that exceeds expectations! Our high quality, professional layouts are based on proven UX best practices and specifically developed to meet your mobile marketing goals.

  3. Fully customizable, ready-to-use designs

    AppsBuilder gives you the flexibility to build the app you imagine with easy to edit designs and elements. You have full control over the look and feel with countless fonts, color palettes, icons and more!

  4. Develop native apps at a fraction of the cost of custom development

    Hiring skilled mobile developers capable of programming cross-platform native apps can be outside your budget. With AppsBuilder, your app will always be up-to-date with the latest web, iOs or Android requirements. It’s like having a whole dev team at your desk!

  5. Connect your digital world to your app

    Plug in existing content from virtually anywhere! Sync your app with your website or blog RSS, social media accounts, eCommerce shopping cart and more, and enjoy up to the moment content updates in your app! See the full list of Connectors

  6. Kickstart your app marketing from one dashboard

    Once your app is published, shift your focus to increasing app downloads, usage and retention. Integrate third party app marketing platforms to send push notifications, activate analytics platforms for advanced app measurement or start monetizing your app with in-app advertising. Tour the App Marketing features

  7. AppsBuilder drives mobile app growth at any scale

    AppsBuilder is a scalable solution for the marketer looking to build 1 app or a hundred, with room to grow. For the enterprise or agency - where every project is a mobile one - our white label platform empowers teams and promotes collaboration with clients.

  8. With no software to install, you can get started immediately

    Enjoy the benefits of real-time updates thanks to our cloud-based services! All of your contents and design settings are safely stored in the cloud so that you can edit your app from anywhere, anytime and publish changes immediately. With no need to invest in hardware, AppsBuilder helps you drive agility and scalability.

  9. Bring your team into the project with collaboration capabilities

    Set up multiple accounts and manage permissions to bring your entire team into the project. With our white label version, brand the CMS and give external parties access to the development platform or app marketing tools.

  10. Contact a real human when you have any doubts!

    You won't be left alone when it comes to creating your app, publishing it to the desired stores, or activating app marketing campaigns. With quick replies and high quality customer satisfaction, our support team is there to help, whenever you need it!

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